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Community News - March 2012

EverQuest’s 13th Birthday Celebration: Bonus Experience and Marketplace Sale!


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To help celebrate EverQuest's 13th birthday, there will be bonus experience, an increased spawn rate on rare mobs and a special 13 themed marketplace sale. These specials will run 3/16/2012 through 3/31/2012.

The items Lucky Mitosing Coin, Salve of the Long Dozen and Pizmip's Prize Purveyor can be found in the marketplace from 3/16/2012 through 3/31/2012. Make sure you log in and purchase these items for just 130 SC before they are gone on April 1, 2012!

The other items on sale are:

  • Bottle of Shared Adventure III
  • Bottle of Adventure III
  • Mercenary Slot (1)
  • Consigned armor bundle
  • Consigned Jewelry bundle
  • Weapon crate of the mercenary
  • Goral Talker Saddle
  • Onyx Skystrider Saddle
  • Pegasus Saddle
  • Draught of the Craftsman
  • Character transfer token

Happy Birthday EverQuest!