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For Windows Only

Instant Access
Level 85 Heroic Characters!
  • Jump to level 85
  • Get 15,000 Platinum
  • Huge bag of goodies including a RAPTOR MOUNT
  • Instant Access to High Level Content
  • EverQuest's 20th Expansion goes live 10/8/13!
  • Several new zones such as Bixie Warfront!
  • Epic features like Mercenary AA's and Gear!
  • Limited-Time Offer!
  • 2 weeks of free Gold Membership!
  • $30 worth of in-game items
  • 1 Big Bag & 4 Experience Potions
  • Ends 10/15/13!
  • Limited-Time Offer!
  • 2 weeks of free Gold Membership!
  • Ends 10/31/13!
  • Recruit friends, earn rewards
  • Earn items such as riding mounts, armor and familiars!
  • Your friends get rewards too! The more you recruit, the more loot you earn.
  • Complete Quests, Play Games, Get Rewards, Stay connected!
  • EverQuest Worlds will keep you connected to the entire EQ franchise!
  • Search "EverQuest Worlds" in the App Store or Google Play