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The Darkened Sea

The Darkened Sea is the monumental 21st EverQuest expansion. This expansion features several new zones, a level-cap increase, and must-have in-game items.

Contract of the Lizardman (Mercenary)
Metamorph Totem: Ankylosaurus
Painting: Speed of Faith
Painting: Coastal Brigand
Painting: Forgetful Strike
Painting: The Darkened Sea
Armored Battle Cat Mount (1 of 3 to choose from)
Darkened Sea Teleporter: Brother Island Parrot Whistle
Contract of the Arc Worker (Mercenary)
The Wayward Lady (Player House)
Level 85 Heroic Character
Heroic Character Items – 15,000 Plat, Raptor Mount, Two Big Bags, Spells, Full Set of Equipment, Food, Drink, Ammo, Bayle Marks

The story of the Darkened Sea finds Firiona Vie traveling to the Buried Sea on a mission from Tunare to restore balance to Norrath. Firiona meets with the Combine in the domed city of Katta Castrum with hopes to heal their emperor, Tsaph Katta. The city is attacked while Firiona is attempting to heal the emperor. In the chaos, Lanys, aided by a corrupt splinter faction of the Combine, kidnaps the emperor. Norrath's heroes must track Lanys and her allies down in order to thwart Lanys's plans and rescue the emperor.

The Darkened Sea expansion features

  • Level Cap Increase — You can now level up your characters to an unprecedented 105!
  • 8 New Zones — Brand new zones such as Thuliasaur Island and Combine Dredge offer immersive and captivating adventures.
  • Mount Key Ring — Easily access your entire mount collection in one easy location!
  • New Quests, Missions and Raids
  • New Tradeskills, Spells, AAs and Items