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Community News

Producer's Letter: July Update and What's Coming Up Posted On 07-29-2015

Holly Longdale here with an update on what's coming up for EverQuest!

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Death, Death, Death Available on Live Servers! Posted On 07-24-2015

Face off against classic baddies from Norrath’s history in Death, Death, Death. 

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July Patch Cliff Notes: What?s Awesome This Month Posted On 07-23-2015

There's some pretty cool changes in this month's patch, and the team breaks them down for you here.

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The Next Legend Arrives: Legend of the Oathbreaker Packs Available Now Posted On 07-22-2015

The next Legends of Norrath EQ loot pack, Legend of the Oathbreaker, is here.

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Ragefire & Lockjaw Server Transfers Coming Soon! Posted On 07-16-2015

Get more info on how players will be able to transfer between the Ragefire and Lockjaw servers.

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New Adventures Await in EQ Worlds! Posted On 07-08-2015

The EverQuest mobile app, EQ Worlds, has been updated with new features and rewards!

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Big Bags are Back Again! Posted On 07-02-2015

This weekend, big bags are back on sale in the EverQuest Marketplace!

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Progression Server Raid Update Coming July 1 Posted On 06-24-2015

In the spirit of making raid content more available to players, updates are coming in July.

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Game Like It's 1999 - Ragefire & Lockjaw Servers Now Available! Posted On 05-21-2015

Relive your EQ memories, or experience the game that defined the MMO genre for the first time!

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