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Community News

Hardcore Heritage is Back! Posted On 06-06-2018

Ready to rematch some of your earliest enemies? Hardcore Heritage zones are back for the summer, kicking off on June 6th!

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The Ruins of Kunark is Unlocking on Coirnav! Posted On 06-05-2018

The Coirnav Progression Server is unlocking its first expansion, the Ruins of Kunark, on June 6th at 2PM PT!

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Progression Primer: Ruins of Kunark Posted On 06-05-2018

Brush up on the Ruins of Kunark and everything this expansion brought to EverQuest.

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Get Ready for a Bonus Weekend! May 24 - May 28 Posted On 05-24-2018

Get ready for a weekend full of bonus experience, rare spawns, faction gains, and discounts!

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The Serpent's Spine Unlocks on Phinigel on May 23 at 2PM PT! Posted On 05-22-2018

The Serpent's Spine expansion content will be unlocking on the Phinigel Progression Server on May 23rd!

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GUIDE: What Are EverQuest's Progression Servers? Posted On 05-07-2018

Everything you need to know about the EverQuest Progresssion Servers.

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Omens of War is Unlocking on Ragefire AND Lockjaw! Posted On 04-30-2018

The results are in - OoW expansion content will be unlocking on Ragefire and Lockjaw at 2PM PT!

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Progression Primer: Planes of Power Posted On 04-25-2018

Take a moment to refresh on all of the incredible content that the Planes of Power expansion brought to EverQuest!

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Planes of Power Unlocks on Agnarr on April 25 at 2PM PT! Posted On 04-23-2018

Agnarr's final full expansion, the Planes of Power, is about to unlock on the server!

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