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Community News

Whoa! Who’s the Sarnak? Posted On 09-27-2016

It’s you! Or, it could be, with this new player illusion.

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Do YOU have your Mount and Illusion Key Rings? Posted On 09-23-2016

Read on to find out how you can get your hands on one!

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Luclin Unlocks on Phinigel - Weds, Sept 28 @ 2PM PDT Posted On 09-19-2016

Join us on the Phinigel server for Shadows of Luclin expansion content.

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Daybreak General Maintenance - September 19 Posted On 09-16-2016

There will be a general maintenance impacting all games beginning at 6:00AM Pacific Time. 

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The Summer Questing Continues! Posted On 09-14-2016

Get ready for the next installment in Norrath’s summer event!

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Get ready for a MASSIVE Expansion sale! Posted On 09-01-2016

It’s the perfect time to expand your horizons in Norrath!

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Incoming: Bonus XP weekend and Huge Savings! Posted On 09-01-2016

Read on to see what bonuses you’ll be receiving this weekend!

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September 2016 EQ Producer's Letter: Let's Talk Expansion Posted On 09-01-2016

Get the first information on our 23rd expansion, EverQuest: Empires of Kunark!

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Prepare for an Exciting Summer Event! Posted On 08-31-2016

A special quest is coming to Norrath!

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