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Community News

The Broken Mirror is Now Available for DBC! Posted On 07-18-2016

Want to get the latest expansion with Daybreak Cash? Now, you can!

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Special Quarm Starter Bundle Now Available Posted On 07-15-2016

Some helpful items for your new adventure!

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Quarm - Now Available! Posted On 07-13-2016

The EQ Special Event server, Quarm, opens today!

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New Pets of an Avian Variety Posted On 07-07-2016

Looking for an in-game pet of the avian variety? 

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These Summer Deals are on FIRE! Posted On 07-01-2016

Start July off with a BANG with these special offers! 

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Hardcore Heritage 2016: Nagafen's Lair and Castle Mistmoore Posted On 06-22-2016

THIS is the event you’ve been waiting for! Our final Hardcore Heritage zones of 2016! 

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Quarm Event Server Coming July 2016! Posted On 06-14-2016

Learn more about the Quarm event server!

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Hardcore Heritage 2016: Crushbone and Permafrost Posted On 06-08-2016

Think you’ve got what it takes to take down some orcs?

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Legend of the Jarsath Destroyer Packs - Available NOW! Posted On 06-01-2016

Where does your loot reside? 

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