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Community News

MEMBERSHIP SALE Posted On 08-25-2016

Purchase a 12-Month All Access Membership for HUGE savings!

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Living Legacy Raids: Round Two! Posted On 08-17-2016

The next two Living Legacy Raids return today for two weeks, from August 17 - 31.

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Prepare for a Rewarding Weekend, August 12 - 15! Posted On 08-12-2016

Make the most of your weekend in Norrath with these exciting bonuses!

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Living Legacy Raids: Round One! Posted On 08-03-2016

Two Living Legacy Raids return today for two weeks, from August 3 - 17.

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August 2016 Update Preview - Tuning and AA Consolidation Posted On 08-03-2016

Here is a preview at some of the things that will be coming in this month's update.

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Death, Death, Death Has Returned! Posted On 07-25-2016

This special event is now available on Live servers.

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The Broken Mirror is Now Available for DBC! Posted On 07-18-2016

Want to get the latest expansion with Daybreak Cash? Now, you can!

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Special Quarm Starter Bundle Now Available Posted On 07-15-2016

Some helpful items for your new adventure!

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Quarm - Now Available! Posted On 07-13-2016

The EQ Special Event server, Quarm, opens today!

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