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Community News

New Daybreak Game Cards Coming Soon! Posted On 10-02-2015

Daybreak game cards are coming to U.S. retailers this Fall. 

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It's no trick! It's time for Daybreak Halloween! Posted On 10-01-2015

Treat yourself to Halloween activites in these Daybreak games. 

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Get Ready for Nights of the Dead with New Marketplace Items! Posted On 10-01-2015

New spooky, seasonal delights are now available in the Marketplace.

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Expansion Livestream: Thurs, Oct 1 @ 3PM PDT Posted On 09-22-2015

You wouldn't want to miss this livestream!

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50% Off The Darkened Sea for a Limited Time! Posted On 09-17-2015

Don’t miss your last chance to pick up this collector’s edition, and get the special items included with this purchase! 

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New Expansion (Yep, That's Right) and More! Posted On 09-15-2015

Get a peek of what the 22nd expansion has in store for EverQuest players!

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Hooray! It's a Double XP Weekend! Posted On 09-04-2015

Join us on ALL servers for Double XP, September 5-7.

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End of August Marketplace Sale! Posted On 08-28-2015

Summer is beginning to wrap-up. Seems like it’s time for a sale!

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VOTE: Is it Time for Kunark to Come to Ragefire? Posted On 08-21-2015

Do you want to unlock the Ruins of Kunark on Ragefire, or extend the classic EQ experience for longer?

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