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Community News

Updates to Progression Server XP in February's Patch Posted On 02-05-2016

Check out what is changing in regards to experience gain on Phinigel, Ragefire, and Lockjaw servers.

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February 2016 Patch Preview Posted On 02-04-2016

Come get a sneak peek of what's coming later this month!

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Get a Little Love in Your Heart Posted On 02-03-2016

Happy Erollisi Day! Let’s celebrate!

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End the Month with Double XP! Posted On 01-29-2016

All players – including TLP Servers – can enjoy three days of double experience!

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Account-to-Account Transfers Open for Ragefire, Lockjaw & Phinigel Posted On 01-15-2016

We've opened up account-to-account transfers on our progression servers, Ragefire, Lockjaw and Phinigel!

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Reminder to Clear Your Old Shadowrest Corpses Posted On 01-15-2016

We appreciate everyone that makes the effort to go through their old corpses before February!

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Double XP: Sat, Dec 19 @ 10AM PST - Tues, Dec 22 @ 11:59AM PST Posted On 12-18-2015

How will YOU take advantage of the bonus XP weekend?

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'Twas the Weeks of Frostfell... Posted On 12-09-2015

Celebrate this favorite Norrathian holiday, now through January 21, 2016!

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Phinigel - A True Box Progression Server - Available NOW! Posted On 12-09-2015

Join us for the launch of our newest progression server.

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