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Community News

Ragefire AND Lockjaw Have Unlocked Dragons of Norrath! Posted On 08-20-2018

Dragons of Norrath expansion content is now available on both the Ragefire and Lockjaw Progression Servers!

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Lockjaw and Ragefire are Voting to Unlock Dragons of Norrath! Posted On 08-06-2018

Players on the Lockjaw and Ragefire servers are now voting to unlock the Dragons of Norrath expansion!

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The Shadiest Swashbuckler is on the Move! Posted On 07-25-2018

The Shady Swashbuckler has been spotted moving through Norrath with more rare items than ever before!

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We Appreciate Our Members! Posted On 07-25-2018

We wanted to express our appreciation for all of our members - log in between now and August 15 to earn a special reward!

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Progression Primer: The Legacy of Ykesha Posted On 07-18-2018

The Legacy of Ykesha brought a handful of new places to explore to Norrath as well as the Froglok race!

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The Legacy of Ykesha is Unlocking on Agnarr on July 18! Posted On 07-17-2018

Agnarr's second-to-last expansion, the Legacy of Ykesha, is about to unlock on the server!

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Prepare for Special Summer Bonuses! Posted On 06-29-2018

Over the next few days, you'll be earning bonus experience, faction, and rare spawns!

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New Marketplace Item: Northman Heritage Crate Posted On 06-22-2018

Feeling barbaric? The Northman Heritage Crate is now available in the Marketplace!

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Hardcore Heritage is Back! Posted On 06-06-2018

Ready to rematch some of your earliest enemies? Hardcore Heritage zones are back for the summer, kicking off on June 6th!

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