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Community News

Bonus XP Weekend, Huge Savings, Special Items, and More! Posted On 05-27-2016

Read on for all the discounts and benefits lined up for this long weekend!

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Hardcore Heritage 2016: Lower Guk and Unrest Posted On 05-25-2016

The second round of Hardcore Heritage zones opens up May 25! 

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May 2016 Producer's Letter Posted On 05-24-2016

It’s hard to believe we are almost out of spring and into summer Holly wanted to take a moment and let you know what the team is working on and what’s coming.

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Velious Unlocks on Phinigel Weds, May 18 @ 2PM PDT Posted On 05-17-2016

Join us on the Phinigel progression server for the unlocking of The Scars of Velious.

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Marketplace Sale: Legend of the Oathbound Posted On 05-13-2016

Grab this Legends of Norrath bundle for 50% off before it’s gone again!

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Hardcore Heritage 2016: Blackburrow and Cazic-Thule Posted On 05-10-2016

Show those gnolls and lizards who’s boss for powerful loot!

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Stat Consolidation and You: May 2016 Patch Preview Posted On 05-06-2016

Get a preview of what's coming in our May 2016 patch!

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Sense Heading - Progression Server Changes Posted On 04-29-2016

We’re always working to improve and update EverQuest for all of our players, and we’ve got some updates that we’re rolling out for progression servers this year. 

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Historical Anniversary Content Returns PLUS Fabled NPCs! Posted On 04-27-2016

Continue the celebration with anniversary content from EverQuest’s history!

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