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Community News

Seeds of Destruction has Opened on Phinigel! Posted On 01-02-2019

 EverQuest's 15th expansion, Seeds of Destruction has opened on Phinigel!

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New Year, New Marketplace Sale! Posted On 12-28-2018

Members, take 40% off of all Marketplace items from now until January 2!

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The Vault is Open, and it's Time to Loot! Posted On 12-18-2018

Vaulted Familiars and Heritage crates are available in the Marketplace, but only for a limited time!

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Daybreak Winter Extravaganza! Posted On 12-18-2018

MASSIVE new membership offers, bonuses, and more!

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The Burning Lands is Now Live! Posted On 12-11-2018

Enter The Burning Lands and bring peace to the war-torn Planes. The Burning Lands, EverQuest's 25th expansion, is live!

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The Burning Lands Expansion Preview: Mearatas Posted On 12-05-2018

Mearatas is the capital of the duende realm, tucked away in the mountains on the Plane of Earth and locked behind a heavy stone gate. 

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Santug Claugg is Coming to Town for Frostfell! Posted On 12-03-2018

Everyone's favorite winter holiday (and everyone's favorite Ogre) is back in Norrath!

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The Burning Lands Expansion Preview: Trials of Smoke Posted On 11-29-2018

Where the Planes of Fire and Air have clashed, the Plane known as the "Trials of Smoke" now exists. 

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The Final Bout of Fall Fun Runs November 29 to December 10! Posted On 11-29-2018

The last round of this year's Fall Fun bonuses is finally here, which means it's time to earn 1.5x bonus experience!

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