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Ring of Scale

*Available to claim on Time-Locked Progression servers

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EVERQUEST: Ring of Scale

Return to Kunark and aid the Combine as they face off against the Sarnak Empire and the Ring of Scale. What will become of the Sarnak Empire? Will dragons reign supreme over Norrath? Only the most powerful of heroes will be able to help the Combine to breach the heart of Veeshan’s Peak.

Hurry back to Kunark to witness what becomes of the Combine in this epic conclusion of EverQuest’s latest adventure.

Ring of Scale is the 24th EverQuest expansion and features new zones, dungeons, must-have in-game items, and more!

Ring of Scale EXPANSION Features

  • Adventure to Level 110 - An increased level cap giving you 5 more levels to power through.
  • 6 Expansion Zones - You’ll explore far and wide, as you head back into Kunark’s vast landscapes.
  • New Raids, Quests, and Missions
  • New Spells, Combat Abilities, and AAs
  • New Collections