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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is EverQuest®?

EverQuest is one of the richest and most expansive gaming experiences ever created. With many years of amazing content, this 3D online world offers endless excitement, adventure, battle and discovery - and now, it's free-to-play!

Journey to Norrath, a world populated with characters of amazing strength and power. Join thousands of people in a continuously evolving, living fantasy world. Face unbelievable challenges, earn amazing rewards, and unlock rare treasures for ultimate distinction and notoriety.

Customize your character by choosing a class, race, deity and appearance. Arm yourself with incredible magic spells and weaponry, and prepare for an epic adventure like no other!

2. As a Free player, how many character slots do I start with and how many can I buy?

As a Free player, you start with two character slots per server. You can also purchase character slots individually. If you upgrade to Silver, you'll have four available slots per server and if you upgrade to Gold, you'll have eight slots available per server. All membership levels may purchase additional character slots: three may be purchased directly from the Marketplace, and three more may be purchased using Loyalty Points.

3. What chat, in-game mail and Broker restrictions do Free and Silver players have?

Free members can only use /say, /tell, /group, /guild, /ooc, /shout, /auction, /raid, /fellowship, and the new player channel. Silver and Gold members have access to all chat channels. Free and Silver players can receive in-game email, but only Gold members can send mail. Setting up a Broker to buy or sell items via the Bazaar is also restricted to Gold members. Members of any level can purchase items from the Bazaar.

4. How many levels are in the game?

Your max level is limited by the expansions you own. Veil of Alaris, which comes with Free accounts, is limited to level 95. With the Rain of Fear® expansion, you can level up to 100. Call of the Forsaken includes the Rain of Fear expansion.

5. Can I form my own guild?

Any EverQuest player can join a guild. Forming new guilds is reserved for Silver or Gold members.

6. What are Prestige Items?

Prestige Items in EverQuest are items obtained from higher-end content in the Seeds of Destruction expansion and later expansions, as well as most augmentations. Additional items may be marked as Prestige Items at the discretion of the game developers. Prestige Items will only be usable by Gold Members and will not be grandfathered in.

7. What are Loyalty points and how are they awarded?

Loyalty points are earned for maintaining a continued membership in the game. Each week the account will earn loyalty points, which you can use at a vendor in the Plane of Knowledge or the housing neighborhoods to buy special items. The maximum number of Loyalty Points that you can earn each week depends on your membership level. Please see the Membership Matrix for more details.

8. What sorts of housing are available?

Our robust player housing system is available for players of all levels. Guild housing can only be owned by Silver or Gold members.

9. What Mercenaries can I hire?

All players can hire mercenaries, however Free members are limited to Apprentice Mercenaries of Tier 1 or 2. Silver members can hire mercenaries from any Apprentice Tier. Gold members can hire Apprentice mercenaries or Journeyman Mercenaries of any Tier that they qualify for.

10. What servers can I play on?

All servers are available to all our players, with the exception of Special Rules Servers (such as the Time Locked Progression Servers), which are exclusive to our Gold Members.

1. I used to play as an EverQuest subscriber before it became free-to-play. What does this change mean for me?

Players who subscribed to EverQuest prior to the Free-to-play transition have been granted Silver Membership.

2. I don't play EverQuest or any SOE games, but I do have a Station account. Can I try EverQuest using my old Station account info?

Yes you can! Click here to download the game now.

3. Will I get anything for maintaining a recurring membership?

Yes. Any player with a recurring membership will receive 500 Station Cashâ„¢ per month as long as they stay on an auto-renew payment plan. If you have a recurring membership but you cancel or purchase a non-recurring membership, you will no longer be on an auto-renew payment plan and you will immediately stop receiving the monthly Station Cash bonus even if you have time left on your existing membership.

You will get one monthly 500 Station Cash bonus for each paid recurring subscription you maintain. For example, if you have an All Access Pass you will get one 500 Station Cash bonus per month regardless of how many games you play. If you have a paid recurring EQ Gold membership and a separate paid recurring EQII Gold membership, you'll get two 500SC bonuses each month. SOE reserves the right to end or amend the terms of this promotion at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. If SOE ends this promotion you will continue to receive the monthly Station Cash bonus until your recurring membership expires or is cancelled or your auto-renew payment plan ends.

4. I have previously purchased EverQuest expansion packs. Will I still have access to that content?

Yes! Any EverQuest expansions that you previously purchased are available to you. However, please note that there are still specific content restrictions based on your current EverQuest membership level. Please see the Membership Matrix for more details.

5. Does the Station Cash shared wallet work between EverQuest and other SOE games?

Yes! The Station Cash shared wallet works between EverQuest and several other SOE games. For more information on the games that support Station Cash, click here.

1. How much does EverQuest cost to play?

Basic access in EverQuest is free! Silver membership costs 500 Station Cash ($5.00 USD). Gold membership costs $14.99 per month. (See below for more details on memberships and pricing.)

All three membership levels give you the Veil of Alaris expansion and access to many years' worth of gameplay and diverse zones. The latest expansion, Call of the Forsaken, is also available for purchase and will grant you full access to all the features and content of that expansion (along with Rain of Fear if you do not own that expansion).

2. Will I need a credit card to play the game?

A credit card is not required to play EverQuest as a Free member. You can log into the game without entering any payment information. If you do decide to purchase a Silver or Gold membership or buy items from the Marketplace, you will need to use one of the available methods of payment (including credit card, a Station Cash card, PayPal, or SMS).

3. What are Station Cash and the in-game Marketplace?

Station Cash is Sony Online Entertainment's virtual currency. It's simple and easy to use. All of your Station Cash is stored in a digital wallet. Once your wallet has been funded, you can use Station Cash to make purchases through the in-game Marketplace. The in-game Marketplace is an integrated store where you can purchase an assortment of premium in-game items, services, content and features to enhance your gameplay experience. You can purchase mounts, appearance items, and more. For more information on Station Cash, view the FAQ here.

4. Is it necessary to purchase Station Cash in order to play EverQuest?

No, purchasing Station Cash is completely optional. However, if you would like to buy additional in-game items (including the Silver Membership pack) from the Marketplace, you will need to use Station Cash.

5. How do I purchase Station Cash and what is my wallet?

Your Station Wallet is your digital wallet where you store Station Cash. Station Cash can be used across a wide variety of SOE games. You can fund your wallet within EverQuest. Click on the Station Cash button to reach the Marketplace. The Marketplace is the destination for in-game purchases and where you can fund your wallet. Once in the Marketplace, click "Add Funds" and follow the on-screen instructions. There are several denominations to choose from. The system will automatically verify your credit card on file or you can add a different credit card. You can also use Station Cash cards, Pay Pal, and SMS to fund your wallet.

6. What sorts of items are available in the EverQuest Marketplace?

There are a variety of items available in the EverQuest Marketplace. You can purchase everything from mounts, illusions, house items, clothing, experience potions and more. These are all optional items and are not required for a great gaming experience.

7. Does the Station Wallet work between EverQuest and other SOE games?

Yes! The Station Wallet works between EverQuest and several other SOE games. For more information on the games Station Cash will work for, click here.

1. What are the differences between Free, Silver, and Gold memberships?

The features and benefits of Free, Silver, and Gold memberships are detailed on the Membership Matrix.

2. What is included with the Free membership?

When you begin playing EverQuest, you default to the Free level of membership. That means you have access to most of the content in the world of Norrath. You can create characters in any of the classes and races, and you have tons of gameplay at your fingertips. However, there are certain content, feature, and service limitations that are only unlocked through a la carte item purchases or by upgrading your membership to another tier (view Membership Matrix).

3. What is included with the Silver membership?

To become a Silver member there is a one-time item purchase called the "Silver Membership Pack," which costs $5.00 USD or 500 Station Cash. That pack grants two additional character slots per server, better chat options, gives you the ability to create guilds, and more. Once you purchase a Silver Membership Pack, you are permanently raised to that membership level. There is no recurring fee for this pack or membership (view Membership Matrix).

4. What is included with the Gold membership?

A Gold membership is $14.99 per month (view Membership Matrix). There are also three, six and 12-month memberships available. Gold Membership can be obtained using a Game card, a Krono, or by purchasing a recurring subscription ($14.99 per month).

- Eight character slots per server (instead of two or four included with the lower membership levels)

- Ability to equip Prestige Items

- Access to the huge in-game player-to-player marketplace feature called the "Broker" system so that you can buy and trade with other players in an online bazaar

- Alternate Ability points are only limited by the Abilities available to the class you are playing

- May cast and scribe any tier spell

- Gold Members are awarded access to our Time Locked Progression Servers, Fippy Darkpaw and Vulak'Aerr.

- 500 Station Cash per month (recurring subscriptions only, see above)

5. Why should I upgrade my account to a Silver or Gold membership?

Quite simply, better features! Buying a Silver membership pack is a one-time purchase of only 500 Station Cash that adds two extra character slots per server unlimited chat access, and a much higher Alternate Ability limit.

Upgrading to the monthly Gold membership lets you upgrade to the most powerful spells and skills, eight character slots per server, access to the player-controlled Broker system, in-game mailing privileges, and more!

6. What are the benefits of having a recurring membership?

Players with a recurring Gold Membership will receive 500 Station Cash each month (see above).

7. I have an All Access membership. What does this mean for EverQuest?

As an All Access member you will receive the equivalent of the premium Gold level membership. However, this Gold access is only available while you have an active All Access subscription.

8. If I decide to downgrade from the Gold to Silver or Free membership, what will happen to the Gold perks I had with that membership?

You don't lose anything permanently, but Gold membership content will become inaccessible to you until you repurchase a Gold membership.

- Character Slots: When you downgrade from Gold, all characters that are on the account will still be visible to you. Characters that were created before February 29, 2012 will be allowed to log in (regardless of if you are currently over the cap of characters or do not have their race or class unlocked). For character slots, only the most recently logged-on characters (up to the character slot cap for your membership level) will be available for play.

- Items: Any Prestige Items become unusable if you downgrade from Gold. They will remain equipped, but will be tinted yellow and will no longer function. You can use them again when you renew your Gold membership.

- Spell/Skill Tiers: When downgrading membership, any Rank 2 or Rank 3 spell will stay in your book. When you cast these Rank 2 or Rank 3 spells, they will cast as the Rank 1 version. In any content where there are no spell ranks, you will be able to continue to use those spells as normal.

- Alternate Abilities: All Alternate Abilities already earned will remain usable if you choose to downgrade your membership, but if you are over the limit that you are allowed to earn (based on membership level) you will not be able to earn any more Alternate Ability points.


1. How can I download and play EverQuest?

EverQuest is Free-to-Play! Download the game to your PC from here. Click here for details on our three levels of gameplay access.

2. What if I need customer service help but I only have a Free membership?

The self-help knowledge base will be accessible to all players regardless of their EverQuest membership status. As clearly outlined in the Membership Matrix, customer service is only provided to players who have made a monetary transaction in EverQuest or have a Gold membership.

3. On what platforms is EverQuest available?

EverQuest is available exclusively on PC.

4. What are the PC specs for running EverQuest?

- Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
- Processor: 1 GHz Processor
- Ram: 512MB
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA Ti 4800 or ATI 9800
- Hard Drive: 10 GB of Free Disk Space

- Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
- Processor: Pentium 4 or better
- Ram: 2 GB
- Graphics card: NVIDIA 6800 or ATI x1800

Note: Not all Direct3D cards are supported. DirectX 9.0b or greater is required for all XP/Vista installations.