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  • Free to Play Official Trailer

    Welcome to EverQuest ® - the online game that started it all! Now Free to Play. Your Way.™

  • Veil of Alaris: The Resplendent Temple

    Dedicated to the god of splendor, this temple is the very pinnacle of all beauty in Alaris.

  • Veil of Alaris Official Trailer

    Hidden since the Age of Scale, a sixth continent of Norrath is being revealed and exciting adventures await.

  • Veil of Alaris: Argath, Bastion of Illdaera

    The mountain fortress of Argath will be the first stop for most adventurers who choose to take up the challenges presented by Alaris.

  • Veil of Alaris: Pillars of Alra

    Vast magical energies support floating towers in the sky, each dedicated to a particular style of magic.