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Community News - April 2014

A Newbie in Norrath: Underwater and Undead Posted On 04-17-2014

Stellara no longer feels the need to breathe.

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Stomples Event Returns Posted On 04-15-2014

I did not believe it. But when you gave me those eggs... There were rabbits! Rabbits everywhere!

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Can You Fool the God of Mischief? Posted On 04-08-2014

Bristlebane has it set in his mind to pull off one of his most ambitious pranks to date. Will you help him out? Or will the joke be on you?

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The Early Bird Gets the Loot: SOE Live Registration is Open! Posted On 04-04-2014

You know it’s spring when the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and gamers worldwide are planning their trips to Las Vegas for four days of non-stop awesomeness at SOE Live 2014! 

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A Newbie in Norrath: Moors, Planes, and Woods Posted On 04-03-2014

Stellara examines the Ominous Zone Name trend.

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Player Studio Expands Internationally Posted On 04-02-2014

Player Studio support will begin to expand MORE countries. 

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