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Community News - March 2012

Make Your Mark in the World of EverQuest


EQ Maps

We are once again offering a great opportunity to all of our players to put their mark inside the game of EverQuest!

We are looking for more map makers to submit their work to the EverQuest Team. If your map is selected, we will include it in the download of the game.

To thank the players for their great work on the maps we select, we will include their Character Name and Server Name on the map as a token of our appreciation. Help your fellow Norrathians find their way in the world, and make your mapping skills famous!

Thank you for being part of the community and for sharing your map skills with the rest of Norrath! To get started, log in and submit your map today!*

*Please be aware that maps edited by other sites or editors could contain information that may prevent your map from being used. Maps need to be in their original format with the correct spacing. Maps submitted in a continuous line can not be used.