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Community News - June 2012

Norrathian Home Show - Gonthori


Each week for the Norrathian Home Show we will showcase some of Norrath's most beautiful and creatively-decorated homes! Take a virtual tour of this week's featured home!

Gonthori's High Tower

Pine Colonial Landing, 107 Terminus Street
Erollisi Marr

My home was inspired by my want to feel very high up. I discovered that I could resize a table to a really large size and thought that it would make a perfect building block for a tower.

The tower has three levels, not counting the cool rooftop terrace. There are three rooms on the first floor, including a bar. The second floor has a library, a study area, a bedroom, and a vault full of treasures!

While the decorations are fairly simple, they share the story about the tower. It's the view from the top that makes me proud the most. I even put a table and chair there for performing my enchanter tasks while I look out over the lake.

The inside of the tower is designed in a way that requires switching to different illusions to explore it. For some areas, you can walk around as your normal height but for others, you'll need to either shrink or change into gnome! I suggest changing into a gnome!

Here's the entrance, beware of guards...

One of the platforms going up to 1 of the 3 floors inside…

A sparse but still functional armory. I'll have to make a weapon run soon!

Great view from up here. There's also a house!

Here's the entrance of my tower, featuring the 1st floor hallway.

Drinks and darts… never a good mix!

The secret gnome tunnel to the 2nd floor.

Every enchanter needs a library!

Enchanters need a study area too!

Can you see my bedroom in the back?

Take a right on the 2nd story hallway to get to the vault… just don't touch anything!

And finally, the exit.

Thanks for viewing! Feel free to come over and check things out.

-Gonthori the Teir'Dal Elite

Send Us Your Creations

Do you have a creatively-decorated home that you would like to show off? If so, we want to see it! Send an e-mail to with the subject "EQ Norrathian Home Show" and include the following in the body of your e-mail:

  • Character Name:
  • Server Name:
  • Title of your Home:
  • In-game Home Address:
  • Description: Write a general description of your home - Does it have a theme? Did you make up a story for the home?
  • Images: Include up to 10 screenshots not exceeding 5MB. You can also send us URLs to your images hosted online. When taking the screenshots please toggle off your UI. The format of the images should be one of the following formats: .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif.
  • Image Descriptions: Write a general description of each image. Include as much details as possible - tell us what we are seeing!

If your house gets selected, it will be featured in a future Norrathian Home Show on the EverQuest website.

Happy Decorating! We can't wait to see your home!