Hero's Forge launches on Wednesday, August 15, 2012. This is an exciting new armor system that allows you to dramatically change the appearance of your visible gear. With a one-time purchase of 1200 Station Cash per character, you will immediately receive a complete set of Hero's Forge armor appearance augmentations. More importantly, you'll unlock the ability to use hundreds of new armor pieces that you can gain through various means as you adventure through Norrath.

Norrath's mightiest heroes will be garbed in armor never before seen in EQ!

In addition to the Hero's Forge set you receive with your initial purchase, there will be three armor themes that can be gained through playing the world of EverQuest: Bloodforged (available as rare drops off level 80+ Rare Mobs), Valiant (dropped from Veil of Alaris Mission Chests), and Noble (available for completing certain Veil of Alaris Mercenary Achievements). In the near future we will add even more sets and different means to acquire Hero's Forge armor, including tradeskills, raids, and through defeating monsters throughout Norrath!

Whether you wear Plate, Cloth, Leather or Chain, Hero's Forge armor has you covered!

The call goes out to all true warriors of spirit to unsheathe your swords and raise your shields, as adventure and the thrill of all-new items falls within your grasp throughout Norrath over the coming weeks!

To learn more about Hero's Forge, please click on the link for our detailed FAQ!