Not only does EverQuest: Rain of Fear have all sorts of new content to explore, there are also a number of systems going in that will add all new achievements to pursue!

Collection System

Collection items are found throughout every new zone in Rain of Fear. The items each fit into unique sets, and provide additional insight into the lore and stories of EverQuest: Rain of Fear. With four sets in each zone, and eight to ten items making up a complete set, there are tons of items to collect. There is even a "meta set" that is scattered throughout all of the Rain of Fear zones!

There are two ways to gather these collections. Some of the items are found through drops. Others are placed out in the open in the zone and "sparkle" in order to grab the adventurer's attention and promote exploration. The items and collections are themed to each area. For example, you may collect Beard Styles off of Coldain and Frost Giants.

While you might enjoy collecting these items just for the achievements they unlock, you'll also enjoy the rewards for completing each of the various collections. You will receive approximately 20% of the XP that would be necessary for the level each collection is intended for, as well as another 20% for completion of the entire zone. Some collections also come attached with items and titles!

Once you're done with your own collection, or if you just find yourself in need of a little plat, many of these collection items are tradable. There's likely to be a thriving market for the rarer pieces, so price yours accordingly!

Hunter System

Most Norrathians might see a skunk wandering across Butcherblock and think, "I'll leave him alone. I have other things to attend to." That was before EverQuest: Rain of Fear! Now, there will be a reason to mercilessly slaughter the innocent (and not so innocent) creatures of Norrath: Achievements!

Now, every mob that you kill in Norrath has an achievement attached to it. The achievements compile based on the number of each type of mob that you kill. As Assistant Designer Chris "Dzarn" Black says, "There's never not a reason to kill something."

The primary rewards for this new system are new special AAs and titles. As you kill more and more of each type of mob, you begin to learn more about the weaknesses of each individual race. Once you've slain enough of a particular group of mobs you'll earn a special AA that deals damage to that particular race.

Here is a selection of some of the Achievements you can earn:

  • "It Stinks" – skunks
  • "Beetle Mania" – beetles
  • "Get The Broom" – spiders
  • "Stake Dinner" – vampires
  • "The Ambassador" – members of every playable race

There is also a premiere title you can earn for completing all parts of the hunter system. With 722 different mob types in game, this new system presents a massive wall of achievements to be earned!