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Community News - August 2014

Over 10 Years Later, This Alliance is Still Together


By: Jennifer "Yaviey" Bridges

At the heart of every MMO are the people that play them. You could, after all, simply play a single player game. And certainly before EverQuest even existed, that was what many gamers were forced to do. However, part of what made EverQuest such an amazing success was that players could play with other players in real time. That time together forged real connections, and sometimes those connections lead to real friendships… and real loves.

Norrathian Council of Guilds

The Norrathian Council of Guilds is one such example. Back in 2004 (a few years after EverQuest came out), a group of small guilds on the Stromm server came together to form an alliance. They wanted to work together to share information, have fun, and, of course, take on challenges that they wouldn’t have been able to do individually. This alliance allowed them to keep their family-friendly play style while being able to take on new adventures usually only reserved for large, hard-core guilds. 

“What do I think about feeling like part of a brotherhood, despite not being a raider? I think about how raid guilds don’t understand why we don’t just form a raid guild, and marvel that we’ve existed like we have for so long. I think about how real, actual, human people like Fez and Mel and their lead teams have machine-like capability to keep plugging away like clockwork week in and week out over the better part of a decade to do a job… for the good of our Council.” – Graytus, Member

Now, over a decade later, the Norrathian Council of Guilds is still going strong on the Luclin server. With new raiding associations, weekly events, and more, they’ve not only been able to weather the test of time, they’ve been able to grow. They now boast over 200 active members. They credit their success to the camaraderie they’ve developed with each other and treating players with respect - just like you would do in the real world.

Norrathian Council of Guilds Quarm Plane of Time

This year, over 30 members of the Norrathian Council of Guilds has pledged to attend SOE Live. The draw? So that they can meet up in real-life and enjoy each other’s company.  And SOE Live is the perfect venue because they can meet the developers, artists, and people that brought their favorite game to life in-person, too. Plus they can win prizes, learn what’s in development, party, and more.

Norrathian Council of Guilds SOE Live 2013 

Heed the call! There’s still time to register. Rally your friends and family to SOE Live 2014. We’ll see you in Vegas!