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Community News - April 2014

EverQuest Player Spotlight: Cazic Thule Cafe


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

Our community is well known for showing off their imaginations in game, whether through   building incredibly inventive houses or finding unique ways to make their characters stand out in a crowd. SOE Player Spotlight is one place where we showcase the players that make awesome creative contributions to the games they play.

This time we’re featuring Beechwoodgrey, an active member of the EverQuest community that submitted “Cazic Thule Café and Deli” to Player Spotlight. We were impressed not just by this player’s “home,” but by the lore that they wrote for the theme of this locale.

Cazic Thule Cafe 1

What was your theme as you designed and decorated your home? 

I wanted to represent ogres and evil races. Just about all of my other themes lean towards Wood Elves and other good races. The Happy Pirate Water Slide was a goodwill gesture built by ogres, then donated to the lawn gnomes. This is, of course, merely a front for Cazic Thule’s hidden agenda: he is more interested in keeping his Café and Deli stocked with nothing but the freshest meat available.

What is your favorite item that you have on display? What makes it special to you?

Cazic Thule Cafe 2

My favorite "item" is actually a collection of items to form a salt water aquarium located in the kitchen area. It was actually a gift from Phinigel Autropos for Cazic's grand opening.

How can other players find this home in-game?

The Cazic Thule Café and Deli is located in EverQuest on The Rathe server at 110 Brimming Way, Temple Guardianz Village.

Beechwoodgrey submitted numerous great screenshots of this home. Here are a couple more that our team really enjoyed:

Cazic Thule Cafe 3

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Of course, it’s Cazic Thule!

Cazic Thule Cafe 4

I’m not quite sure what this “contraption” is used for. We may have to reconsider Cazic’s dinner invitation!

We’re always grateful for the contributions and support from our player community! If you want to see other EverQuest submissions for Player Spotlight, or want to submit one on behalf of yourself or someone else in the community, see the forum thread here