New Progression Server: Agnarr!

The latest EverQuest Progression Server is Agnarr, and it has launched today (May 24, 2017)! Join us and your fellow adventurers in Norrath in-game now.

Agnarr is a PoP-Locked Progression Server, meaning it launches with original content and unlocks expansions over time up to the Planes of Power era. The final expansion unlocked will be Lost Dungeons of Norrath: EverQuest --> Ruins of Kunark --> Scars of Velious --> Shadows of Luclin --> Planes of Power --> Legacy of Ykesha --> Lost Dungeons of Norrath. 

For more information about the new server, visit the Agnarr FAQ


Time-Locked Server Adventure Pack!

The Time-Locked Server Adventure Pack is back for a third time! The pack contains one Steadfast Satchel (a 40-slot 100% weight reduction bag) and 3 Bottles of Adventure II (a bundle of three 25% experience potions). Visit the EverQuest store to pick up your pack today! 

Click here to go the EverQuest store.