Call of the Forsaken offers new ways to evolve and ultimately boost the power of your mercenary with two new upgrade methods: Mercenary Alternate Advancements (AAs) and Mercenary Equipment.

Mercenary AAs offer ways to increase your mercenary’s potential. For example, if you’re geared for quick fights and need high damage output, you can decrease your DPS mercenary’s agro generation and increase its damage potential. Or if you have a tank mercenary who just isn’t getting the job done, you can increase its ability to generate agro and survive attacks.

Merc AA Window

Normally when a mercenary joins your group, it takes a portion of your experience gains from the party. In the past, this experience just went away. In Call of the Forsaken, your mercenaries are finally putting that experience to use. Experience gains taken by a party’s mercenaries will now go towards unlocking Mercenary AA Points. These points and abilities will be stored upon your character, and will be available to all of your mercenaries.

New Mercenary Equipment will also give you incredible options to equip your mercenary in different ways. Are you looking to help your tank mercenary survive tougher fights, or perhaps keep your healer mercenary from running out of mana? In either case, there will be equipment you can discover that can help! Just like Mercenary AAs, equipment will be shared across all of your mercenaries.

Merc Equipment

Call of the Forsaken releases on October 8, 2013! If you pre-order the expansion before the release date, you’ll be able to increase the power of all your mercenaries the day Call of the Forsaken launches. Players that pre-order the expansion get an exclusive in-game piece of mercenary equipment, Vestments of the Forsaken.

Find out more about pre-ordering Call of the Forsaken here

All players that pick up the Call of the Forsaken Collector’s Edition will get the Contract of the Bixie, which will award a tank, healer, caster DPS and melee DPS mercenary to every character on your account.