With the Empires of Kunark expansion comes an exciting new feature - the Familiar Key Ring!

The Familiar Key Ring provides 10 slots for you to store your familiar friends! Familiars can be added or removed from the Key Ring at any time, making it easy to organize the companions you want to have in your pack. In addition to freeing up precious bag space, the Familiar Key Ring also provides you with the ability to apply the stats of one familiar to the appearance of another, giving you more ways to customize your companion in-game.

In addition to this, pet classes that previously had to decide between having a familiar or a combat pet specific to their class can now have BOTH out at the same time!

2 Pets

Each character on your account will be granted a Familiar Key Ring with 10 slots. Need even more room than that? To unlock additional slots on your Key Ring, you can purchase them in the Marketplace or get them by upgrading your expansion to the Collector’s Edition or Premium Edition.

Key Ring UI

By purchasing EverQuest’s upcoming expansion, you will receive your very own Familiar Key Ring at the launch of Empires of Kunark! Which familiars will you keep by your side as you enter Empires of Kunark on Wednesday, November 16? And remember, if you’re an All-Access Member, you can save 10% when purchasing the Empires of Kunark expansion!