As you are traveling through the North Desert of Ro, you spot a tower floating in the sky. As you get near it, you see a glowing platform. Dare you climb onto it? Where can it possibly lead? You step onto the pad and find yourself inside the tower, being greeted by a lovely merchant maiden named Miacallie Herlsas. She invites you to view her wares but informs you that until you have gone through the trials and perils of the tower and defeated that which needs defeating, you might not afford or even see much in her shop.

Tower Merchant Miacallie Herlsas

You explore and find that the anniversary tower features 11 floors (that will unlock monthly), resplendent with artwork from around Norrath. Getting in the locked doors within the tower is rather tricky and can only be done once a key for the door is obtained through the completion of its Tower Trial. These Trials will send you places across Norrath, so be sure you have on your traveling boots. When a door is unlocked, the real challenge begins as you will go up against powerful beings. Upon the successful defeat of the monster behind the door, you will earn timeless tokens which Miacallie will accept as payment for her wares.

Only once you have defeated the monsters in every tower room will you be strong enough to awaken the final tower boss. Dare you begin this treacherous journey? What will you find behind those doors? There is but one way to find out: be the hero you were born to be, and let’s get started. Once you are ready, look for the shinies in the tower, they will lead the way!

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