Miragul has opened and THE House of Thule must be explored once more! With that in mind we've brought the House of Thule Collector's Edition Revival Bundle to all of you!


  • Live Topiary Mount Go green with this lionesque topiary mount. Vegetarian. 
  • Dead Topiary Mount  Desiccated topiary lion. Definitely NOT vegetarian. Watch those toes, especially halflings.
  • Gnoll Pup Leash  Grrr….bark bark….grrr. A gnoll familiar that never gives up.
  • Sword of Truth Template  This magical mold will change a weapon's look. Truth.
  • 20 Slot Bag How do we say this…it's a bag with 20 slots.
  • 16 slot bag Totally a bag with 16 slots. Not 15, but 16. And verily not 17.
  • Wailing Mercenary Contract Screams like a banshee, because it is one. This mercenary will float with you on your travels.
  • Discordant Mercenary Contract  A mercenary of Discord. Not for the faint of heart. Packs a punch for a price.
  • House of Thule Key Art Painting  A painting for your home of the House of Thule expansion box art.
  • House of Thule Painting  A painting of THE House of Thule for your abode. Seriously, it's THE house.


Get it on the marketplace or at this link today!