The Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion unlocked on the Agnarr PoP-Locked Progression Server on October 10, 2018! Before you set out to explore the new dungeons, take a moment to refresh on EverQuest's sixth expansion with this Progression Primer!


Lost Dungeons of Norrath: The Essentials

Lost Dungeons of Norrath was EverQuest's sixth expansion, and is the last expansion that is considered to be a part of the PoP-era.

This expansion introduced instanced dungeons to Norrath, with players able to tackle these exciting new zones in solo and raid modes for a group of adventurers known as the Wayfarers. With these great adventures came great new rewards as well. On top of the adventures themselves, this expansion also introduced augments, which allow players to enhance their gear by adding a new augment to them. Alongside augments came slotted armor, and the inventory charm.


The Wayfarers

The Wayfarers Brotherhood is a group of adventurers lead by a rogue known as Morden Rasp. These adventurers are responsible for discovering the five dungeons that you'll soon be exploring, as well as augmentations, which have revolutionized the use of adventurer’s gear. 

The dungeons that they have discovered are located in Everfrost Peaks, East Commonlands, Northern Desert of Ro, Southern Desert of Ro, and Butcherblock Mountains, and adventurers can visit the Wayfarer's camps to take on missions and tasks of variety and variable difficulty.

If you manage to complete your assigned missions, you will earn Adventure Points which can be used to purchase items from the Wayfarer’s treasure hoard, including weapons, armor, or even the newfound augments.


Exploring the Dungeons

With the Lost Dungeons of Norrath, there are five different dungeons that have been discovered and are now open for you to adventure through. Each dungeon has somewhere from 8 to 10 adventures that you can go on, for a grand total of 48 new zones that you can explore. Each of these zones have their own dangers and challenges to face, but of course, proving your worth as an adventurer will come with handsome rewards.


Deepest Guk

Though the cave systems of Lower Guk have long been sought out by adventurers from all reaches of Norrath, for ages none even considered the possibility that the expanse of Guk could extend even deeper beyond the dungeon's lower regions. That is no one considered it until Deepest Guk was discovered by the Wayfarers.

The undead inhabitants of Deepest Guk have been left undisturbed for an incredibly long amount of time, and aren't particularly happy about having to deal with the sudden intruders. Surviving your trip to the dungeon is guaranteed to be difficult.

If you think you have the grits and guts to explore the caverns of Deepest Guk, head to the Southern Desert of Ro and find Selephra Giztral.


Miragul’s Menagerie

If you believe that you’re ready to face the cold, take the snowy trek to Everfrost to find Teria Grinntli. Teria is looking for adventurers to explore the icy underground tundra known as Miragul’s Menagerie.

The stories say that far below Everfrost, the infamous first Heretic Miragul once gathered artifacts and practiced an evil magic. He remained here, hidden and in solitude, until a venturing group of Paladins accidentally stumbled upon his hiding place.

It wasn’t long after this that the Wayfarers came and fully exposed Miragul’s Menagerie, which turned out to be the home home of many magical, powerful, and of course, dangerous creatures. Now, the Wayfarers Brotherhood seeks adventurers to explore these icy caverns.


Mistmoore Catacombs

If you’ve been to Faydwer, you likely know that nearly inhabitants of the area avoid Mayong Mistmoore’s castle (and his minions, especially) at all costs. Unfortunately, Castle Mistmoore should be the least of their worries.

Far below Faydwer lies a network of tunnels and caverns that are said to extend to the very reaches of the continent – this tunnel system is known as the Mistmoore Catacombs, and a trip here is certainly not for the faint of heart.

If you think that you’ve got the nerve (and the keen directional sense) needed to explore the sprawling twists and turns of the Mistmoore Catacombs, visit the Wayfarer Vual Stoutest in Butcherblock Mountains.


Rujarkian Hills

A common story often overheard in the taverns of Freeport is that of the Rujark orc clan, which is said to have mysteriously disappeared from Norrath almost without a trace. The Rujark clan was supposedly home to direct descendants of the first orcs created by Rallos Zek himself.

But not everyone believes that the Rujark clan is gone for good. Tales also have been told of the orcs capturing and enslaving citizens of Freeport that wander too far into the Desert of Ro... and it turns out that there may be more than a little bit of truth to these stories.

It turns out that the difficult to find Rujarkian Hills are home to these vicious orcs, and if you think the fight could be worth the rewards, you’ll want to pay a visit to Barstre Songweaver in the East Commonlands tunnel.


Ruins of Takish-Hiz

Hundreds of years ago, a forest, home to the elves and teeming with life, existed in what is now the Desert of Ro. Solusek Ro burned this forest to the ground, removing any traces of this once-lush land and eventually turning space to desert.

Traces of this lost civilization can be found among the sands, but the Wayfarers were the first to discover a discernable path to Takish-Hiz. Takish-Hiz appears to be the former capital of the elven city, though only so much about it - including the past and present - has been uncovered thus far.

What lies beneath the desert sands remains unknown, but if you’d like to be among the first to find out, pay a visit to Ruanya Windleaf in the Northern Desert of Ro.