Months, nay years, of honing your skills and ensuring you have the best of everything leads up to this day traveler. One has never encountered the unrivaled ferocities, shady scheming, and aleatory thievery one must now face.

Dextris Kanghammer, Unlikely Hero

  • Eldarr Forest – The Return of Kanghammer
    • Elistyl Kanghammer may have passed from this world and into the next, but someone has taken up the mantel to right the wrongs of trickery and subterfuge done to others. During one such challenge, Dextris finds their opponent cheating and pledges to end the farce. Can you defeat the barker behind the scheming before it’s too late?

Bidils the Quickhand

  • Plane of Mischief – Bidils the Quickhand
    • Bidils the Quickhand is a halfling merchant who impressed Bristlebane himself and became a Hero. He was able to steal a great gem directly out from under the God of Thieves in his own plane. With the players recently able to reach Laurion Inn, Bidils is eager to show the players the achievement he's been discussing for years, and he assures it'd be a great adventure and much fun for all. Do you have what it takes to get back Bristlebane’s gem from Bidils?

Untold challenges face you on this day! The only question we have is will you be writing the history of these battles, or will your foes? To battle!

Keep your head on a swivel friends! More raids will be unlocking in February and March, so stay tuned.

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