Thanks to the many players who tested the new UI engine on the Test server, we’re now finally able to release it to live servers. Here are some features to remember moving forward:

  • The new UI engine is not what you’d think of in terms of a "UI revamp". It should look very similar to the former UI. The new engine enables different features like docking, scaling, and more options for creating and modifying the UI windows.
  • UI scaling is accessible by opening your Options window to find a scaling slider. You can also use the "/ui scale" command.
  • Only a few windows have been converted to the new UI engine; most should remain unchanged. The Inventory, Story, Quantity, and Window Selector windows have been converted to the new UI engine.
  • If you use the default UI, things should just work similarly to how they used to.
  • As a reminder and for custom UI creators, maintainers, and users getting in on this now: Your EQ directory should have a new folder called "Layout Converter". This contains a tool you can install that is used to convert custom UI files into the new UI engine.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked to get the new UI engine ready for release. Improvements like this are just part of our wider goal of providing EverQuest with more options for even bigger improvements still to come.


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