The time has come for even greater challenges to unlock! In this final round, three new raids have been revealed that will surely test your skills, might, and courage. Here’s what you can take on now:

Darklight Caverns – The Spirit Fades

  • The great spirits have freed Grakaw, but even they dare not approach him. He has been imprisoned and tortured for so long that he doesn't trust anyone. And even now, magic binds him—magic that the spirits can’t even see, much less remove. Heroes are needed to help finally free Grakaw.

Firefall Pass – The Shadows Move

  • The Akheva have begun their push to take Shar Vahl. Knowing that the army is coming, the Vah Shir choose to meet them in the pass where their superior numbers won't mean as much as they are bottle-necked by the narrow tunnel through the mountain. Moreover, their military resources are depleted by turmoil in the city, so they now ask brave souls to help them at least reduce the enemy's numbers before arriving at Shar Vahl.

Shar Vahl – Under Siege

  • Once the Akheva get through Firefall Pass, they will arrive at Shar Vahl in large enough numbers to take the city if the heroes do not once again assist the Vah Shir. Hold the bridge, defeat their leader, and save the treasure that is Shar Vahl and the citizens who call it home.


This next chapter in Night of Shadows will require grit, nerves of steel, and determination to triumph. Will you have what it takes? (Frankly, we think you do.) Best of luck!


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