The Shadows of Luclin 

The Shadows of Luclin expansion unlocks on the Coirnav PoP-Locked Progression Server on Wednesday, November 21, 2018! Take a moment to refresh on the heaps of content that the third EverQuest expansion brought to Norrath with this progression primer.

The Shadows of Luclin: The Essentials

The Shadows of Luclin was the third expansion released for EverQuest. With this expansion, players could travel outside of the realm of Norrath for the first time. Adventurers headed to Luclin, one of Norrath’s two moons, which was a whole new world to explore.

The Shadows of Luclin

In addition to 24 new zones, this expansion also introduced the feline Vah Shir as a new playable race, the powerful Beastlord class, Alternate Advancement abilities, and mounts. The Bazaar also opened up, which was the first zone in EQ entirely dedicated to trading goods.


The Vah Shir

The Vah Shir are a race of noble feline people who have resided on Luclin for several hundred years. When the Erudites of Odus went to war, a devastating explosion launched a chunk of the continent into space, taking with it a majority of the Kerran population. Trapped on the moon, the survivors adapted to their new environment and grew stronger, forced to make themselves a new home on Luclin in Shar Vahl. Over time, their people evolved into the Vah Shir, and are now differentiated from their Kerran ancestors.

Vah Shir Beastlord

Because of their tumultuous history, even to this day the Vah Shir share incredibly close bonds with one another. A Vah Shir will always put their kin first and exhibits selflessness and unwavering loyalty. Powerful and devoted, a Vah Shir is great to have on your side.


Beastlords are masters of raw nature with the unique ability to channel this energy into themselves and their pets. They are always found fighting alongside their loyal companion animals, and can enhance their creature’s natural abilities with special spells.

A beastlord is versatile in battle, and can fight and hand-to-hand combat using blunt weapons or their bare hands, or can hang back to de-buff enemies and help allies with health or mana regeneration using a variety of spells. Beastlords are valuable individuals to have in a group, but can also hold their own on solo adventures.


Exploring Luclin

Luclin is one of two moons that circle around the world of Norrath. Due to the way that it is locked to the world, one side of Luclin is constantly ablaze with direct sunlight while the other half is stuck in a never-ending darkness. Both sides are inhabited by different creatures, and each half has unique experiences to offer.


Katta Castellum & Sanctus Seru

Katta Castellum can be found on the dark side of the moon on the cliffs of the Tenebrous Mountains overlooking the Twilight Sea. Katta Castellum was the first real city established on Luclin by those who were loyal followers of the Combine Empire. Despite its darkened appearance, the city is full of good-aligned individuals who believe in respecting all people. Pay a visit to Katta Castellum and you’ll find a mass of goods and services, including some exotic items unique to the city.

Katta Castellum

Sanctus Seru, on the other hand, is Katta Castellum’s perfect mirror. Located on the light side of the moon, the city was built by followers of the Inquisition following their transportation to Luclin.  Here, the Praesertum Inquisitors maintain power, and citizens are subject torturous means of control. This has heightened unease within the city, making it an unsafe place full of thieves, spies, and even assassins. If you for some reason decide to pass through the city, you’ll at least be in close range of the Dawnshroud Peaks.

Sanctus Seru


Paludal Caverns

The Paludal Caverns are a system of dense, boggy caves that lie beneath Hollowshade Moor. The caverns are filled with funguses and mosses that thrive in the moist environment, and a number of unconventional creatures can be found dwelling within the tunnels. Though the Paludal Caverns are less than glamorous, they can be a great place to explore for newer adventurers who are trying to gain some experience.

Paludal Caverns

The arrangement of the natural tunnels can be somewhat confusing at first, but does provide useful underground paths to Shadow Haven and Shadeweaver’s Thicket. Occasionally, traders can be found utilizing the caverns for quicker travel between these areas of Luclin. If you find yourself lost within the tunnels, they may be able to help you find a way out.

Shadow Haven


The Deep

Amidst the Echo Caverns is a series of dangerous and complex caverns known as The Deep. These tunnels are teeming with dangerous creatures, and lead all the way down to the very heart of Luclin. If you decide to venture into the Deep, beware of the large abyss you come across – crossing it is not nearly as simple as it appears, and even successfully doing so will only lead to facing even deadlier threats.

The Deep

If you manage to survive long enough to make it to the deepest depths of the caverns, you may find a hidden entrance to Ssraeshza Temple. This temple belongs to the Shissar and may be one of the most threatening places on all of Luclin. With nearly every risk comes the possibility of great rewards, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many powerful adventurers attempt to brave the temple. Many fail to make it back.


Vex Thal

A trip to Vex Thal is not for the faint of heart. To even enter the edifice, you must manage to gather an impressive number of lucid shards held by some of the rarest and most powerful creatures on Luclin. If you eventually manage to make your way inside, you’ll face even stronger enemies: the Akheva. High Priestess Aten Ha Ra and her followers certainly will not appreciate your presence in their home.

Vex Thal

Those who have visited Vex Thal (and made it out alive) have remarked on its grandeur. The inside of the structure is gorgeous and massive, but it is incredibly easy to find yourself trapped on the inside of its marvelous walls. It could take a massive group of adventurers countless hours to fight their way through the entirety of Vex Thal, but those who succeed will be find themselves inundated with the most handsome of rewards.

Vex Thal 


The Bazaar

The Bazaar was specifically built to facilitate trade with the masses of Norrathian adventurers who began to frequent Luclin after convenient travel became available, and has become one of the busiest areas on the entire moon. The area is full of trader’s stalls, vendors, and countless other kiosks including banks on either end to add ease to shopping. It’s a great place to practice tradeskilling, and adventurers are welcome to come to trade their own goods in the Bazaar as well.

The Bazaar

Just outside of the Bazaar you can find the Nexus, which is the primary hub for travel between Norrath and Luclin. Though the Nexus may seem physically small, the arcane energy that emanates from the area and through the spires is powerful. From this area you can find several tunnels leading out to various parts of Luclin, which makes this area the useful for travel.

The Nexus


What To Do

With a ton of new content from this expansion, there’s no shortage of things to do. Each member of the EverQuest team has their own favorite feature from The Shadows of Luclin. We asked the team to share their personal highlights of the expansion with us, and have compiled their answers below:

What was your favorite addition that The Shadows of Luclin expansion brought to the world of EverQuest?

Ngreth Thergn: As a cat lover, the new spacy Kitty, I mean Vah Shir race was an awesome addition! I also had great memories of the Chasm in the deep, and crossing the invisible bridge and dropping summoned velium hammers to show the way for others.

Niente: My favorite addition from Luclin is definitely the AA system. Having enough to get a special title felt like such an accomplishment!

Roxxlyy: The Vah Shir are finally here! The Vah Shir are my favorite playable race, and I’m very excited that they’re finally going to be joining Agnarr. I haven’t quite decided what class I’ll be choosing for my new character yet, though!

Mepps: Luclin is the first time we really see new skies in EQ. I’ve got to say making it through the tunnel-like Netherbien Lair and stepping out into the beautiful Dawnshroud Peaks for the first time is something I won’t ever forget. And alternate advancement? Alternate advancement changes everything.