Hopping back into action today is Stomples Day. With spring in full swing, the only thing you gotta bring is . . . uh, you-ing!

Okay, shameful Dr. Seuss’ing aside, today is Stomples Day and your chance to go on egg and bunny hunts. Head to the Plane of Knowledge to chat with Grundle Cogwelder to get started. Once you’re done there, head over to Eastern Wastes to meet up with Mei Glacierbane and Seymour Saxifragus to complete a few tasks that offer some sweet rewards. You can then begin collecting Jellybeans in Eastern Wastes and Western Wastes to complete the holiday’s achievements.

Loads of springtime fun to be enjoyed! (The collections are available on servers that have unlocked Scars of Velious. The quests require that the server has unlocked Torment of Velious.) This year’s Stomples Day event will end on May 2, 2023 at 11:00 p.m. PDT. Hoppity-hop to it! 🐰


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