Sitting atop a floating island is the city of Esianti, the center of the djinn realm where the diplomats of all jann come to make deals and argue rules with the djinn. Air elementals prefer open spaces, and only use solid materials to build for the convenience of guests, and to frame vistas of open air. At first look, tall, ephemeral towers will draw your eyes towards the skies, appearing to anchor the clouds to the city.

The solid land is lush and teeming with life, but you'll never see a tree blocking the view of the sky. At Esianti's center is Glimpse of Eternal Blue, a castle of sorts, where the king of the djinn will sometimes hold court. This impressive structure includes a number of floating gazebos, which must be reached by climbing stairs into the sky. Though it may seem intimidating, Glimpse of Eternal Blue is also beautiful - truly a sight to behold.

Throughout Esianti, you can find housing that has been built out to accommodate all sorts of visitors. To the southwest is Boldness of Great Substantiveness, a mansion built by the djinn to house their duende visitors and their servants. To the southeast lies Fastness of Transient Light, built for the efreeti, and Isle of Radiant Mist in the northeast for the ondine. Confluence of Gracious Incandescence lies in the northwest for the rare mortal visitor.

What will you discover among the whispers of the winds when you pay a visit to Esianti?

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