June brings sun, fun, and extra time for gameplay! School is out, and vacation time begins, which means more time for EverQuest! Check out what we’ve got in store for you this month! 

We’ve got a wonderful giveaway item for this month! A very cool Rainbow Fippy Hat (see the header image) is the free item of the month! Make sure you log in and grab it on all your characters before it’s gone on July 1st! Did you miss some of the free giveaway items? Fret not, those items are all available for purchase in case you missed them. 

We also have a new limited-edition item for sale in the Marketplace. This month’s item is a Braxi Player Illusion! It will be gone on July 1st, so be sure to grab it ASAP!

Braxi Player Illusion

May’s collection may be gone, but a new one has arrived! The Butcherblock Mountains – Bloodied Chest Set collection will only spawn in June. Be sure to get it done before then.

Lastly, the Anniversary Tower quest, Heroic Adventure, and merchant items will all be updated later this month on patch day; keep your eyes peeled for the coming article. 

See you in game!

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