We know that Stomples Day kicked off today, but that's not all we have in store. Beginning today at 12 PM PDT we will be unlocking ALL TLP Servers (Except Lockjaw and Fippy, since they will be merging soon) to all of our customers through May 8. Come and discover again with your friends or make new ones! 

We're also celebrating with a sale, 10% off selected items and bundles (This discount will stack with your All Access Member discount) on Bottles of Adventure I, II, and III and the largest bag bundle for each type of server will be on sale as well! (Mangler we are adding yours in, so your bundle will go up on 4/15) this sale will begin today as well and go through 4/24.

Finally we will be resetting the EverQuest Celebration Pack and EverQuest Celebration Bundle so if you'd like to purchase them again even if you have before, you now have the chance! 

So many awesome things beginning today and so many ways to adventure!

It's time to #EverQuestTogether