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Community News - June 2013

Hero's Forge Revamp Launches


Hero's Forge


Hero's Forge armor now has a new look!

We've reforged the armor and improved its appearance. We worked extremely hard on the details to make sure it fits your characters better, and made some enhancements on the color, shape and texture where we thought it was needed.

One question that arose in the process was whether players would still want to use the old style, or if everyone should use the new style. In the end, we decided to let you have both if you so desired. If you have any Hero's Forge Armor on your character or in your inventory, it will currently show up as the original style. To change it to the Reforged style, right click the item and it will automatically swap appearances. If you're wearing it, you'll have to place the item in an open inventory spot, right click it to change appearances, then place it back on your character.


Hero's Forge Poster


One of the newest designs available is the Shissar armor, which comes in a variety of cloth, chain and plate styles:

Ssraeshzian Plate


Hero's Forge is an armor system that allows you to dramatically change the appearance of your armor. Working similarly to our augment system, Hero's Forge is an add-on system that can be purchased for each of your characters at your discretion.

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