Sony Online Entertainment is giving EverQuest players both new and old a chance to experience the game as it was in the very beginning by launching "The Combine" & "The Sleeper". The Progression servers will be made up of the original EverQuest zones in Antonica, Faydwer and Odus that were available at launch back in 1999. Players will work together to level and conquer key content that will in return unlock every expansion released for EverQuest since 1999.


"The Combine" & "The Sleeper"


  • 2 normal, non-pvp servers (no transfer servers) titled "The Combine" & "The Sleeper" in-game
  • Each expansion will be unlocked by the progress of the players and the content they complete
  • New servers for past players to return to and re-experience a world where talented and skilled players reign supreme
  • New players can experience all of EverQuest's original content without having to catch up on years of expansions
  • Relive the evolution of one of the most successful MMORPGs in history

    Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    With the opening of the Progression servers on Wednesday, June 28, 2006, there will be a progression timeline available for everyone to see. The timeline will show each server's current position in the progression. When this page is accessed, it will scroll sideways to show you the current progress and stops when the current expansion is centered on the page. The timeline will display "nodes" of requirements players have to "unlock" to progress. The number of unlocks for each expansion will be displayed, but not name what the requirement is until after it has been completed. Once completed, an unlock will show the title of the requirement, the time and date, and a link to a list of the people in the raid, group, or single person who completed the requirement.

    Here is a sample of what the timeline will look like:

    Also included with the regular character tracking on EQPlayers, for the Progression servers there will be:

    Progression Server Conquests - A separate page for server "Conquests" so players can see what mobs have been killed already and by whom, linked to those users'character profiles.

    Progression Server Characters - "Conquests" on the pages of players who were the first to kill specific mobs that are or aren't necessarily part of the unlock requirements.

    Make sure you check these all out on Wednesday. You will be able to access the timeline by going to the front page of EQPlayers and clicking on the banner that will be there on Wednesday afternoon.

    (Similar server and character conquest tracking should be available for all servers in the next few months.)