How could we make Legends of Norrath™ Oathbreaker even better? By adding two hot new loot cards like these!

This month's cards:

Riftseeker Glaive Ornament (4EQ25): Enchants two-handed pierce weapons with the chaotic magic of the Riftseekers, dealing up to 160 damage.

Painting: Snow Bunny Hat (4EQII25): Wall Picture - Grants a rent status reduction of 300.

And if you've previously opened an Oathbreaker booster pack, you'll still have a chance to receive one of these new loot cards! That's why we call it a re-roll!

Be sure to visit Legends of Norrath starting Friday, September 5, and you could score some cool new loot for EverQuest® or EverQuest® II!