We are pleased to announce that the Mayong (51/50) Server will be opening up at 11:00 am (PDT) Tuesday, June 30, 2009.

The rules of this server are the same as a standard server but the server does have the following differences:

  • All new characters will:
    • Start at level 51
    • Start with 50 unspent AA points
    • Start with a complete set of Flawed Defiant armor and weapons (Recommended level 50)
    • Start with all spells and abilities through level 51
    • Have all available skills at their maximum level (Spell specializations excepted)
    • Tradeskills will not be set to a higher value initially

  • Special Titles: There are a series of server first titles for the first defeat of various encounters.

The Mayong (51/50) Server is named after Mayong Mistmoore, one of Norrath’s most renowned vampires! Check back tomorrow as we share lore surrounding this historical figure.