Underfoot: Unfolding the Lore

The Underquarry

The Underquarry is a multi-lobed underground strip-mine where servitors of Brell toil endlessly to mine the living rock along a system of pathways and veins.  It was once a few large caverns quietly hiding underground.  Flowing water breached the caverns, creating two massive sinkholes.  Since then the water flow from above has ceased and Brell's minions have turned the caverns into mines and quarries for needed materials.

This multi-purpose mine provides precious metals and stone to the jewelers, masons and carvers of various realms.  The products of the mine include copper, silver, gold, marble and other useful materials.

The Rive, a huge crack in the ground of the caverns, was created when Brell smashed his fist into the ground of the cave; cracking the ground to reveal a well of lava below.   At all times of the day and night servants carry scraps of stone, metal and even dead stone or metal creatures to the Rive and drop them in.  These materials go into the Rive to appear in mortal realms like Norrath.  It is the Rive that allows the Underfoot to seed these items into the realms over which Brell holds sway.

The workforce of the mines is made up of a variety of Bell’s minions. From massive stone golems and Genari to the smallest mephit, most usually work the mines without care or complaint.  Most of the material is hauled out on the backs of minions, a labor that they enjoy immeasurably.

Tunnels created by the Greken lead to other areas of the Underfoot.  Brell’s minions are currently terrified of the intruding Cliknar which occasionally venture in from nearby Arthicrex hive.

Since Brell’s recent distraction, some of the usually dedicated Burynai have blocked off part of the mines to others, and there has been a Cliknar invasion in another part of the mines.  Production, usually a cyclical matter, has continued non-stop in all other parts of the mine. This has caused a massive overproduction of raw materials in the Underfoot that threatens to become a problem in the worlds that the Underfoot supplies.

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