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Lichen Creep

Lichen Creep is a lava-veined cavern that has been slowly mined out over eons for the valuable levitating stone ore that is used to power various creations in the Underfoot. Narrow veins of lava wend their way through the cavern floor and walls, occasionally forming small lava pools and giving the entire area a molten orange glow.

The Mephit miners that burrow into the Underfoot maintain the largest presence in Lichen Creep, processing and sending loads of stone up through the hole in the top of the cavern. When large chunks of levitating stone are uncovered, the Mephits burrow into them for the more valuable ore, and leave behind levitating husks that they then convert into living quarters and various other facilities.

The Mephits work tirelessly to mine levitating stone, and tend to ignore the minor annoyances and disruptions of the various races that have recently taken up residence in the caverns. While they do not actively seek to destroy the other races, they will slaughter them mercilessly if they find them interfering in Mephit business.

Cliknar forces have begun to encroach upon the cavern and have set up camps amongst the rubble and slag heaps. They continue to expand their empire and are carefully scouting Lichen Creep for future conquest. They remain fairly unobtrusive and, other than an occasional scouting sortie, they are content to remain relatively hidden amongst the rubble and slag heaped at the side of the cavern.

Meanwhile, the newly arrived Sporali have been traumatized by their recent encounter with the Underfoot and the few that have escaped the clutches of danger and death hide themselves in the lichen covered areas of the cavern. Some Sporali are fascinated by the Underfoot, but most are trying to find a way back to Corathus Creep. Between the lava creatures who kill them on sight and the Cliknar who view them as a food source, the Sporali live a very rough existence.

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