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Community News - December 2009

Underfoot: Unfolding the Lore – Fungal Forest


Underfoot: Unfolding the Lore

Fungal Forest

The Fungal Forest is dominated by massive and colorful mushroom trees with fungus undergrowth. There redwood-sized fungi make up the bulk of the forest, with small mushrooms, molds and lichens covering the ground. The ground is dark and moist, and in some places sinkholes in the mulch lead into caverns under the forest. The undergrowth in this area is dominated by green moss and small fungi.

Mephit workers lurk around aptly named Mephit Lake as they take a break from their labors. The edge of the lake is ringed by blue topped mushrooms. Undead Sporali have recently invaded the south eastern region of the forest, trying to corrupt the fertile earth. The Cliknar have also made their way into the forest from the northeast.

Many servitors of Brell, including the Telmira, Gigyn, and as well as the Cliknar, can be found throughout the forest. Other creatures such as frogs, spiders, beetles and snakes can be found in the area as well.

The Telmira are small elemental beings created by Brell Serilis to do simple work that can require fine-manipulation. An extremely smart race, they can understand all languages. Though can speak, they generally choose to remain silent. A heavy concentration of these creatures surrounds a large mushroom ring.

The Gigyn are rather large elemental life forms, more than twice the height and four times the mass of a human. They speak in low rumbles that only others of the Underfoot understand. They, like most natives to the Underfoot, understand all languages.

The Telmira and the Gigyn work well with other inhabitants of the forest to keep the Underfoot working properly. They have a good relationship with others who exist in harmony with the Underfoot, and work together to keep the Cliknar from invading deeper within the forest.

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