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Community News - January 2010

Underfoot: Unfolding the Lore – Brell’s Temple


Underfoot: Unfolding the Lore

Brell's Temple

Brell’s Temple is the structure that contains the workshop of Brell Serilis, the Duke of Below - the inner sanctum where he labors to create new forms of life.  At the beginning of all things, Brell brought together the basic elements necessary to create life in his image – a basin of the purest water, seven magical essences extracted from the arcane magma surging within Underfoot, earthen dust, and the Clay of Cosgrove.  He then formed his workshop of indestructible integrity and set to work creating many species of Norrath and other worlds.  The temple that surrounds the workshop was built to honor and please Brell. Many worshippers and servitors of Brell can be found within the temple.

After creations are completed, they are sent to populate worlds; others would remain with Brell Serilis as his servitors.   As more servitors were created, they came to worship Brell as their creator, and built a temple around the workshop to honor their creator.  It is a gleaming structure of white marble that pleases Brell very much. Rooms were built for Brell’s creations to meet ever-more-rigorous trials and tests, and much later, a couple of heavily-defended gauntlet rooms guarding the entrances to the Temple and workshop area.

Points of Interest

Brell’s Workshop
This is where Brell created many of the races of Norrath, including Dwarves, Gnolls, Gnomes, and other creations. Within the workshop areas, Brell’s workbench can be found.  It is the device upon which Brell physically develops his creations.

Fonts of Essence
The Fonts of Essence is a manifold of stony tubes delivering magical essences extracted from the arcane magma flowing past the workshop. These seven uniquely-colored tubes have balls of magical essence floating at their opening, from which Brell obtains the elements of magical ‘spirit’ to infuse into his creations. The seven essences are gennos (vitality), amoros (attraction), hieros (will), logos (reason), chaos (instability), dolos (darkness), and terros (repulsion).

Basin of the Purest Water
All creations of Brell Serilis require water, and none but the purest water will do. This supply of water is eternally kept full and pure.

Clay of Cosgrove
This is the vat of Clay of Cosgrove which is one of the most important elements in Brell’s creations, as well as his signature ingredient. Only Brell knows how to properly handle this clay.

Sigil of Egress
When a creature of Brell’s is deemed ready to populate a world, it is placed in this room upon the Sigil of Egress, which magically teleports it to its correct destination. This works flawlessly most of the time.

Trial Chambers
Brell’s creations are put through a series of trials - The Trial of Elements, Trial of Intelligence, Trial of Labor and the Trial of Combat.

The Red Gauntlet is a room defended by a large number of Brell’s servitors, preventing access by unwanted visitors – the renegade who send groups of attackers to test the workshop’s defenses occasionally. The Green Gauntlet is a room defended by a large number of Brell’s servitors, preventing access by the same unwanted visitors.

There are three main gardens within the temple, each severing a different purpose - The Garden of Inspiration is where Brell’s servitors go to speak his name and repeat his words, the Garden of Worship is where they gather when they wish to pay homage to their creator, and the Garden of Reflection is where they go to quietly consider their limited place in the grand scheme of things.

Gallery of Images of Brell's Temple

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