Beginning at 10:00 PM PST on Monday, January 10, 2011, Session, SOE Accounts and Commerce, and the Station Store will be unavailable due to maintenance. We expect the player-impacting maintenance to take approximately 6 hours. The total maintenance period will last approximately 7 hours.

During this time, our Session servers will be interrupted, which will prevent character log-ins for a period of up to two hours, beginning at 10:00 PM PST and ending around 12:00 AM PST.

Players may also be prevented from making account purchases as well as purchases through the Station Store and their in-game stores, if applicable, from around 11:00 PM until 4:00 AM PST.

In addition, this might cause some forum accounts to temporarily lose forum permissions, due to the inability to verify account status while the maintenance is taking place. This is only temporary and normal permissions will return automatically once the maintenance is complete.

Downtimes listed are best estimates and are subject to change. We apologize for this interruption and will resume all affected services as soon as the maintenance is completed.

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