January 20, 2011

105 Brimming Way, Maple Country Creek

Well, I never planned on decorating my house. A fellow guild member was working on his home and I stopped in to see it. After that, I couldn't stop decorating. I used multiple items to create the things I built out of stuff you purchase from the vendors in the housing area.


It all started with my sofa.


Then I made my bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink.



Then I started on the kitchen including the oven, refrigerator, and sink.


I built my fireplace in the master bedroom.


Then I built the TV entertainment system to go with my sofa.


I made my laundry room with a washer, and dryer.


Lastly I built my computer desk. 


Hope you all like! Thanks for visiting!


To purchase these items in-game, type /marketplace and please on our official forums!