Welcome back to EverQuest! To help celebrate the launch of our upcoming Time Locked Progression Server, we would like to invite all former players (as of January 15th) to play EverQuest for free from Thursday, February 10th, 2011 to Monday, February 21st, 2011!

It's time to get back into the swing of things. Starting February 10th, all accounts in good standing will be reactivated, for free! That's right, we're inviting everyone with a lapsed account to log on and check out all the exciting things going on! Take this opportunity to visit old friends, see the new sights, or roll a new character on our upcoming Time Locked Progression Server: Fippy Darkpaw, launching February 15th!

Revisit old haunts or find new ones in the wide world of Norrath. Do you remember the Gnolls of Blackburrow? The Orcs of Crushbone? The Plains of Karana? Mistmoore, Cazic Thule, Unrest, Guk? Steamfont, Butcherblock, Innothule? How about the deserts of Ro, Oasis, Freeport, and Highpass? Do you recall the towering trees of Greater Faydark and Surefall Glade? Do you recall the fires of Neriak, or the forges of Kaladim? Go back and experience them all again as they were in the beginning, or see what you missed the first time! Take up your rusty sword, dagger, axe, or worn great staff and venture out into the lands of Norrath! But remember, it isn't safe to go too far into the wilds alone. Bring friends. Bring all your friends. Why not? It's free!

Log in now to relive your favorite EverQuest moments and get a fresh start in the world of Norrath. We'll be waiting. And remember, you're in our world now. Again.