Take advantage of the holiday weekend specials in the Marketplace. Great Bundles and deep discounts await you including $10.00 off on the House of Thule expansion pack.

Here's a complete list of items that are discounted until February 21, 2011:

  • Armored Snow Puma Saddle
  • Guild Writ of the Sunrise
  • Consigned Armor Bundle
  • Consigned Jewelry Box
  • Strongbox of the Mercenary
  • Supply Chest of the Mercenary
  • Expansion: House of Thule All-in-One
  • Expansion: House of Thule Collector's Edition
  • Bottle of Adventure III
  • Bottle of Shared Adventure III
  • Draught of the Craftsman
  • Fleshless Rotdog Saddle
  • Albino Rotdog Saddle
  • Charred Rotdog Saddle
  • Sealed New Year's Party Pack
  • Character Slot (3)
  • Character Slot (1)
  • Compressed Nightmare Furniture Complete Set
  • Compressed Royal Furniture Complete Set
  • Compressed Tier'Dal Furniture Complete Set
  • Compressed Draconic Furniture Complete Set
  • Oathbound bundle
  • Forsworn bundle
  • Legends of Norrath Oathbreaker Bundle Box
  • Legends of Norrath Ethernauts Bundle Box
  • Legends of Norrath Inquisitor Bundle Box

Happy Shopping!