Get to Know a Dev

You asked him questions and he answered! Here are the answers to the questions you and your fellow players posted to Doug "Elidroth" Cronkhite.

[Sinzzo and Zanderon] What are your EverQuest Favorites? (Zone, Class, Mob, Ability)

  • My favorite zone is still probably Temple of Veeshan, although some of the newer zones our artists have created since I've joined the team have blown me away. Class… I'm partial to the Warrior because I played one for so long. My favorite mob without a doubt was the Sebilite Juggernaut in Old Sebilis. I have fond and terrifying memories of those beasties. My favorite ability is probably the Shadowknight's ability "Hate's Attraction." It's just cool!

[Mardy] How has your history as a Game Designer affected your work on EQ?

  • If I've learned anything, it's that you must always do your best to fully evaluate any changes you make, no matter how small or 'simple' the change seems to be. While we sometimes can't cover all the possible permutations, we need to do our best.

[Mardy] Do you spend much time talking to Designers on other games?

  • Not as much as I'd like, but I do keep in contact with people I've worked with in the past who've moved on to other projects. I find it very interesting to see how things are done in other companies. I do have SOME contact within other companies, but generally we're both so busy working on our respective projects that we don't have much time for social/business interaction. Then of course, there are the aspects of our jobs that we CAN'T share with other designers as well. Sekret Magiks™ and such!

[Mordeb] How do you feel now about working in the Game Industry? What about it keeps you from wanting to go back to Network Engineering? Do you ever miss the "straight job?"

  • I love it! It's a job at times like anything else, and it's not always "fun and games" but there's so much variety on a day to day basis that my work here is rarely boring. Without a doubt the main thing that keeps me from wanting to go back to any previous job I've had is the variety. Today I might be working on new abilities for players, and yet tomorrow I could be designing a new raid, a new zone, writing new lore, etc. It's always changing and interesting. I don't miss my old jobs one bit. I have literally ZERO interest in going back.

[Silent] Car or bike?

  • Depends upon the situation. For enjoyment, there's nothing like the freedom and excitement of a bike, especially in a race environment. Yeah, it's dangerous (or can be), but there's nothing like battling with your fellow riders, pushing yourself to the limits of your skills, that is just indescribable. It's truly one of those "You had to have been there" kind of things. At the same time, I don't like riding bikes on the street. It's just too dangerous. I know it sounds odd that I race bikes, sometimes at speeds over 150mph and yet riding on the street is what I consider dangerous, but it's true. On the street, motorcycles are often invisible or just not seen by many drivers. So for getting to and from work... I'll take a car any day.

Thanks Elidroth!