For those of you attending Fan Faire, there will be a ton of EQ related activities. Whether it is the Live Quest you are looking forward to, the EQ Death Death Death Tournament, or all the panels, there is something for every EverQuest player!

This year the EverQuest Dev attendees include:

  • Producer Thom "Phathom" Terrazas
  • Lead Designer Adam "Ngreth" Bell
  • Assistant Lead Designer Alan "Absor" VanCouvering
  • Senior Designer Doug "Elidroth" Cronkhite
  • Designer Ed "Aristo" Harding
  • Associate Designer Jason "Chandrok" Leo
  • Associate Designer Julie "Ellyra" Burness
  • Associate Designer Chris "Dzarn" Black
  • Lead Programmer Steve "Sklug" Klug
  • Assistant Lead Programmer Jenn "JChan" Chan
  • Senior Artist James Rochelle

For those of you unable to make it this year, don't worry. We haven't forgotten about you! I'll be posting "Letters from Fan Faire" in this thread on the forums, and I encourage everyone attending the convention to do the same.

While it won't be quite the same as getting to sit down with the Devs and ask them all the questions that are swirling about in your brains, we'd love to share some of the experience of being at Fan Faire with all of you and of course any new information that just might get released too! I wonder what we could be discussing this year…

Eric "Piestro" Cleaver
EverQuest Community Relations Manager