This week brings a trio of exciting additions to the Marketplace: with new Bottles of Hastened Adventure, a faithful Steamwork Companion, and the menacing Polymorph Wand: Burning Nekhon!

Bottles of Hastened Adventure are a new choice for those of you seeking to gain experience at an increased rate. While they may not last as long as other Potions of Adventure, they are a much easier purchase for the economically minded!

The faithful Steamwork Companion is a boon for any adventurer, not only will it keep you company but it will also distract your foes making you slightly harder to damage!

What can be more menacing than this frightful fellow? Why you of course! With the addition of a Polymorph Wand: Burning Nekhon not only will your visage be terrifying, but you'll hover above the ground on wings of fire.