For those of you who haven't heard the term "concept art" before, let us briefly explain. After a designer comes up with a concept for something new to introduce to EverQuest, they need to get their ideas translated into a visual form. Because ideas are so open to interpretation, frequently an artist will do a quick piece of art to give a visual reference point for the design. The designer provides the artist with a description and visual references (photographs or other art pieces), and the artists attempt to transmute that into visual form. This way the designers can take a look and further refine ideas, and artists have something solid to base their implementation of the designers ideas off of.

Here we're presenting to you 3 exciting pieces of concept art from the upcoming expansion. No concept art piece is directly put into the game; often there are significant changes that the design concept undergoes before it becomes a part of Norrath. These pieces will give you an idea, however, about some of the directions we are headed in with EverQuest: Veil of Alaris.

What secrets do the floating towers of this town hold?

Embodying both the Mystical and the Martial, Alarans can be fearsome foes or steadfast allies.

Some more examples of towers from the upcoming expansion.

A wireframe model for an Alaran you will encounter in your journeys throughout the continent.

So what do you think?