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During Mondays in October, mounts in the Marketplace will be a little more accessible!

Ever wanted a interesting mount to show off your unique sense of style? Well Mount Mondays are here for you!

Every Monday in the month of October, we'll be offering a selection of our fantastic mount choices at a bargain, up to 500SC off! So make sure to visit the Marketplace on Mondays in October. You might spy that deal that you've been waiting for! Pick one up today!

For Monday, October 31, 2011 we're discounting all the mounts that have been previously featured for Mount Mondays. If you missed any of the previous Mount Mondays here is your chance to get those mounts at a great price!

Here are the mounts that will be on sale:

  • Armored Planar Ardennes
  • Armored Royal Ardennes
  • Armored Royal Shire
  • Armored Battle Shire
  • Desert Tarantula
  • Shadow Wurm
  • Anizok's Steam Escalator
  • Ognit's Mini Dirigible Device
  • Armored Snow Puma


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