With Veil of Alaris, Parcel Delivery is now a reality for the inhabitants of Norrath!

Ever wanted to send an item or bit of coin to a friend but couldn't get to them? Ever wished you could send something to someone who wasn't available? Now you can!

Simply visit one of the following Parcel Merchants to send or claim items, no stamps necessary!

  • Plane of Knowledge: Caden Zharik
  • Surefall Glade: Grathin Nilm
  • Crescent Reach: Merchant Rehema
  • Paineel: Henly Nictropus
  • Oggok: Klob Pulp
  • Neriak - Commons: Lynsalai T`Nyal
  • Grobb: Grallvek
  • Cabilist East: Klok Faziz
  • Ak'Anon: Zenrel Ottonoggin
  • Freeport East: Lindie Rains