Crystalline Shards of Fear having been raining down on Norrath for some time now, and people and creatures the world over have begun to gather them. Items of exceeding rarity, these shards are highly valued by the Adventurers of Norrath as a way to earn a better reputation with Magus Burlshin.

Magus Burlshin is seeking to complete a grand building project, for the betterment of all Norrathians, and Shards of Fear are critical to his plans. Those who have achieved sufficient faction with him will garner a much more concrete reward, however! A large amount of faction will earn a charm of fearsome power, and those whose reputations have reached the pinnacle of possibility will receive their choice of items: one of three augments of exceeding rarity or a ring that provides travel to Shard's Landing every two hours. Only one reward may be earned, though, so choose wisely!

Magus Burlshin expects these shards to appear more frequently once Rain of Fear begins and, not only that, but he notes adventurers will most likely see them more in the areas most affected or corrupted by the shards, areas within Rain of Fear itself.

Good luck in your hunting!