Debt of the Ratonga: Frenzied New Gameplay!
Chuck Kallenbach, TCG Lead Designer

The first release for the fifth anniversary year of Legends of Norrath is Debt of the Ratonga. As told through the card lore and scenarios, the focus of the story is the quest for redemption carried out by the Ratonga race in EverQuest II. It's a story of perseverance, sacrifice, and fighting for what you believe in. You'll meet Tilla, a Ratonga freedom fighter of sorts, who you can also meet in EverQuest II. Her brother's tale is told exclusively here in Legends of Norrath.

Let's get to what all you TCG players are anxious to hear about: New gameplay. We have a few exciting tidbits in this new set that should provide new strategies and deck ideas for all your LoN games.

The Return of Frenzy
When we began work on Forsworn, the second set for Legends of Norrath, we looked at the keywords used in Oathbound, the first set, to see which could be used again. Frenzy was universally considered to be overpowered. "Not Frenzy!" said each designer in turn. As a result, Frenzy has appeared on only ten cards in the five year history of the game. It's time to give Frenzy a new lease on life! It was too strong in its original incarnation, but we've made changes to balance its gameplay.

New Frenzy definition (functional errata to old cards):
Whenever you play a unit, your card with the Frenzy keyword gets +1 attack until the end of the turn.

Functional differences:

  1. The trigger that activates Frenzy is now playing unit cards only, not the playing of any card type.
  2. Old Frenzy worked with 100% of the cards in your deck. New Frenzy works with about 30-40% of the cards in your deck.

This is an erratum for the old cards that have Frenzy. You'll be able to use them in the Standard environment, because we're reprinting them all in set 15. We've also added new cards with the Frenzy keyword and cards that enhance Frenzy to the new set.

Some cards with slightly better stats feature drawbacks that can be played around.
Example: When you play this unit, exert one of your items.
If you have no items, this is not a problem (it's not a precondition). We're sure that clever players will find many exciting uses for these value-packed cards.

Hidden Triggers
New Hidden cards feature bonus text that is triggered when you actually play that card as a hidden card.
Example: When you play this ability as a Hidden card, ready all your items.
If you play it without using the Hidden keyword, then this text doesn't trigger. If you can find a way to get your avatar into combat (even questing will work), you can start to enjoy these special benefits.

Ratonga and Roekillik
We've added enough Ratonga to make your own Ratonga-themed decks. Ratonga have a light faction theme, and the Roekillik are shadow faction. Of course, each of the two splinter groups has gameplay themes as well, spread across their units and other support cards.

Along with over 100 new cards in booster packs, we have new tournament prizes, promo cards, scenario rewards, and dozens of new loot cards for EverQuest and EverQuest II. We're sure you'll enjoy finding out about the Debt of the Ratonga and making unique decks with these exciting new cards!