On Friday, December 9, 2011 the first wave of accounts were suspended as a result of the new anti-cheating code in EverQuest. This included suspensions on more than 700 accounts for a number of days by way of a first warning.

After substantial review, we determined a small number of individuals who may have been mistakenly identified in the initial wave. We always give our players the benefit of the doubt and consequently, the affected accounts were unsuspended and received an apology along with additional time credit. Cheating is a huge concern that affects the entire community and therefore, must be addressed accordingly. Moving forward, we will continue to review and revise practices to make sure that our processes are efficient and precise.

Remember that these suspensions are merely the first wave, and further action is on the horizon. We will not rest, but will instead continue to gather data and take action as necessary on behalf of the entire player base.

Don't cheat - it's not worth it.