Merging Servers

The most recent server merges are complete and both newly merged servers are showing a healthy population and, as with the combined Zek servers, exceeding their previous combined population totals.  As such, beginning April 11th and continuing until the completion of the process, we will continue merging all standard rule-set servers.  The servers will be merged in the following order, on the dates listed.


4/7 Brell Serilis merges with Cazic Thule and will be listed as Cazic Thule

4/11 Morden Rasp merges with Povar and will be listed as Povar. 

4/11 Lanys T'Vyl merges with The Seventh Hammer and will be listed as The Seventh Hammer.

4/14 Tarew Marr merges with Drinal and will be listed as Drinal.

4/18 Mithaniel Marr merges with Saryrn and will be listed as Saryrn.

4/18 Tholuxe Paells merges with The Rathe and will be listed as The Rathe.

4/21 Ayonae Ro merges with The Tribunal and will be listed as The Tribunal.

4/25 Veeshan merges with Luclin and will be listed as Luclin.

4/28 Karana merges with Bertoxxulous and will be listed as Bertoxxulous.

5/2 Innoruuk merges with The Nameless and will be listed as The Nameless.

5/5 Zebuxoruk merges with Xegony and will be listed as Xegony.

5/9 Vazaelle merges with Maelin Starpyre and will be listed as Maelin Starpyre.

5/12 Rodcet Nife and Quellious and will be listed as Quellious.

5/16 Morrell Thule and Erollisi Marr and will be listed as Erollisi Marr.

5/19 Xev merges with Druzzil Ro and will be listed as Druzzil Ro.

5/23 Torvonnilous and Fennin Ro and will be listed as Fennin Ro

5/26 Terris Thule and Prexus and will be listed as Prexus.

5/30 E'ci and Tunare and will be listed as Tunare.

We understand that server identity is important to our customers and we will be integrating server titles into the title system to allow you to display your server of origin, should you desire to do so.  The server title system will go live with our April 6th Update.

Unutilized Character Purge

Immediately preceding the merger, all characters below level 10 that have not been logged in for over six months will be deleted from each of the merging servers and will not be available after the server merge.  If you have a character on any of the servers being merged that is below level 10 and has not been logged in for more than six months, you will need to log that character in prior to the scheduled merge date for the relevant server. 

Shared Banks on Merging Servers

If you have characters on two servers which are being merged together, you will need to clean out the shared bank on one of those servers. After the merge, only one shared bank will be available on each merged server.

Character Limitations

If you have more than eight characters in total on the two servers being merged, only the first eight characters (in alphabetical order) will be displayed after the merge.  Characters other than the eight displayed characters will not be available for selection until currently displayed characters are deleted.  All characters from both servers will remain on your account provided that the character was above level 10 and had been logged into game within the last six months.


Prior to the scheduled merge date for your server(s), please be sure that you clear any unclaimed character corpses from the world.  Character corpses will not be transferred to the newly-merged server.  Once the merger is complete, all corpses on the servers affected by a merge will have been purged.

Duplicate Character Names

It is possible that characters on servers affected by the merge will have duplicate names. In the event that characters on the new, combined server do share a name, the character with the most played time will be entitled to keep the name. All other characters will have the letter X appended to their name and will be eligible for a name change.  Characters can use the in-game /changename command to request a new name.  The new name is subject to the conditions set forth in our naming policy which can be found here: Naming Policy.

LDoN Leader Boards

After each merge is completed, as characters log into their newly-combined server, the leader board will be re-populated with standings. Although your points will be unaffected by the transfer, your standing may have changed based on the new, combined population totals.

Complimentary Character Move

Shortly after each merger is complete, we will allow all customers affected by a merge a one-time, complimentary character move to the server of their choice.  For each customer with an account on a newly-merged server who requests such a move, all characters associated with that customer’s account will be transferred to the selected server.  All characters will bring their items with them in the transfer.

Please make sure you are aware of your servers expected merge date and prepare accordingly.  These dates are subject to change should we need to alter the timetable of merges.  Should we need to change the dates we will post the new list with plenty of advance notice.